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Ellen G.

Greta L.

Erin M.

Edlin S.

Bernard H.

Will L.

Neida P.

Caira A.

Prashanth B.

Ran G.

Brad P.

Alejandro R.

Zach H.

Janissia Q.

Customer Comments: The service here is great and the store is organized and well-kept. I like coming here to get all the necessities for my dog but also looking at the puppies.

Tabitha G.

Customer Comments: I love the help i got here i been to different Petlands and never found one this helpful. i would tell anyone who is looking for a new member of your family to come here

Aaron K.

Customer Comments: Petland is a great place to start looking for a new family member! The kennel staff work around the clock to take the best care of those puppies!

Shelbi B.

Customer Comments: Very friendly and patient

Jacqueline B.

Customer Comments: My trip to petland was so amazing! I walked in and was greeted and helped right away! I am very indecisive, which can be a nightmare for someone in customer service. They were so patient with me, answering all my questions about the breed of the dog and which breed and size would be best for my lifestyle and the puppys well being. I love my sweetie and would recommend this pet land to everyone!

Molly G.

Customer Comments: I after looking for two month for a male beagle, I finally found him at Petland Wichita. Once I came here to pick him up, the staff was super helpful, very knowledgeable, and friendly. I would recommend Petland Wichita for all of your puppy needs! Great place :)

Josh W.

Customer Comments: They gave me my puppy with health records and the breeder's info. I don't know where people get the puppy mill idea but they definitely know how to treat their puppies :)

Sergio S.

Customer Comments: My sister wants to come here everyday!!!

Jessica G.

Customer Comments: Love it

Justin A.

Customer Comments: If you think Petland sells puppies from a puppy mill i suggest you walk in there and ask for the binder that has all the breeders from which each dog was purchased from. Do not be so quick to suggest something that has no evidence to support it. They take awesome care of the animals there. Cages are cleaned thoroughly all day and each dog is supplied plenty of food and given proper vaccinations and if a dog comes down with any illness it is properly medicated by a veterinarian. They are played with through out the day and each kennel tech shows enormous amounts of love for each puppy they care for. If i could suggest one place to purchase puppies from it would be Petland of Wichita.

Angela B.

Customer Comments: We got our basset from here two weeks ago and could not be more happy with our new family member. We would also like to take everyone that worked with us there, because we did drive far to get Flash. He is very healthy and a happy boy.

Eddie O.

Customer Comments: very very happy with my new puppy...great service...smiles everywhere no negativity...

Gwen G.

Customer Comments: Ryan is the absolute BEST!

Hugo C.

Customer Comments: After getting a call from the customer solution, I definitely have to give this company a 5 on how quickly they resolved my Issue. Definitely great customer support I'm going with 3 stars, and here's my reason. The staff where amazing at helping me with he process of taking my cute little chocolate lab home. But I'm on day 3 now and she is starting to show symptoms of kettle cough. Usually it can take up to a week or two after being exposed to bacterium or virus before showing any symptoms. But I'm no vet, so we have her set up for a visit hoping it's nothing serious. If she does end up having to take medication I will definitely contact you guys, and hopefully you guys will take care of the bill plus medications needed. If this is some kind if infection, I'm more than 100% sure it came from the store.

Gerardo C.

Customer Comments: First time coming here btw so me and my fiance just came here to look just LOOK yeah right ended up walking out of here with a CUTENESS overload of a puppy a pomchi this place is amazing with an awesome friendly staff DEF recommend this place.

Jennifer A.

Customer Comments: Love seeing all the puppy pics online.

Marchand H.

Customer Comments: I love seeing the happy puppy pictures!

Nemoh P.

Customer Comments: this is my first time purchasing a dog ever. pet land naperville really helped us through the entire process. a week before i saw the breed i wanted (shiba inu) so i requested a appioment for sunday 1pm, they were very professional on the phone and answered all my questions i had to ask. the store is very clean and organized. you can feel the warm vibe once you enter the store, its not just business, these dogs are taken care of like if each employee owned every single pet as their own. i am glad i did business with petland naperville and i will recommend it to my family and friends

Jacquie P.

Customer Comments: I bought my Golden Retriever from here and he is amazing! He's perfectly healthy and I would highly recommend getting a puppy from Petland Wichita.

Mary H.

Customer Comments: Great customer service! ?

Ralph B.

Customer Comments: very grateful to come in the store. Can't wait to come back. Sales people are excellent!

Kristine B.

Customer Comments: The owners spent a lot of time explaining where the puppies come from and how they are cared for to me. I have see a lot of pictures from different breeders they use. The owners personally visit many of the breeders and this makes me feel more comfortable. When it is time for me to get a puppy I know Petland Wichita is where I will start.

Anthony C.

Customer Comments: My wife and I went to Petland Wichita to browse their selection of dogs, and we were very impressed! The store was so clean and organized, and the puppies seemed to have plenty of room and were cared for. The associate that helped us was very friendly and knowledgeable. We really liked how we could sit with any puppy we wanted in separate cubicles (not to mention with plenty of hand sanitizer at every turn!) When we are ready to purchase, we won't even consider going anywhere else. You can't beat the selection of puppies and the fact that each puppy comes with so many extras is amazing!

Lisa K.

Customer Comments: I LOVE Petland Wichita but I love my new puppy even more. She is adorable. Petland takes care of their puppies. The petstore is probably the cleanest I've ever been in. I was very impressed with all info they provided me on my puppy and the breeder info and the fact that their vets come in and check the puppies all the time. The staff is very helpful and patient and gave me and my family the time we needed to choose our little Sophie. It was so hard to decide. We will be back. Thank you!

Shannon T.

Customer Comments: Love this place! The friendliest most helpful staff! Carl is awesome!

Amy B.

Customer Comments: Love the Facebook photos of all the adorable pets available!

Sonja F.

Customer Comments: I have been in the store several times now looking at puppies. The staff is friendly and answers any questions I have. Most importantly, they have not tried to sell me a puppy. They simply let me play with the puppies and if I have a question, they are quick to answer or track down the answer for me. The store is very clean and bright. They have all kinds of different dog foods and a large supply of toys and treats.

Jarmel L.

Customer Comments: great staff, very informative help from Claude.

Christina S.

Customer Comments: This our second time buying a puppy from Petland. We have had an amazing experience both times. Today we bring home a Puggle to be friends with our first puppy Biscuit the beagle boston terrier mix, we purchased from Petland in January. The pet counselors are friendly, informative, and great with all the dogs.

Karina M.

Customer Comments: Very helpful and great experience

Alice C.

Customer Comments: Veey friendly and helpful

Geralyn P.

Customer Comments: I bought my Miniature Schnauzer and Rottweiler from here, no complaints on my end! Excellent customer service plus my dogs have always reminded healthy. Would recommend Petland Wichita to anyone and will be back to purchase in the future.

Aleshia R.

Customer Comments: Very friendly and clean anmaols look well taken care of

Angel G.

Customer Comments: Great customer service! I got my dog Zeus and he is the coolest little guy. i was attended by Claude that helped me tremendously.

David M.

Customer Comments: Great staff and awesome service!

Sarah C.

Customer Comments: After discovering our puppy was from a mill, the owner took time out of his day this morning to personally call me and offer a full refund. The most generous offer I've ever received! They are so nice and willing to work with you at this store I am truly glad we bought from them even despite the mishap! 100% recommend especially since they are more careful about breeders about ND requiring certification!

Jose F.

Customer Comments: My experience at pet land was extraordinary. Service was a 15/10 from the minute I walked in to the minute I stepped out the door with my new puppy. Highly recommend this place for families to go and bring a puppy home

Shannon L.

Customer Comments: I had recently bought a brush for my terrier mix and had no idea what kind of brush to get, they had so many different styles of brushes for different kind of dogs, but surely enough an employee helped me find the perfect brush for my girl. He was very well knowledgeable and helpful. And on top of it they had everything I could ever want or need for my dog. The place was clean, and neat and I love the atmosphere overall.

Brett L.

Customer Comments: Great service all around.

Estefany C.

Customer Comments: I have been to many other Petlands in the Chicagoland area and none of them really compare to the customer service Wichita Petland provided. I walked out with more than I expected and I am beyond satisfied with my experience. The staff was extremely helpful from start to finish, my associate (I believe her name is Michelle) explained all my options thoroughly. I am extremely happy with my Pomeranian and the service and help the staff at Wichita Petland provided me with.

Mario B.

Customer Comments: Petland in Wichita had very good service and a great selection of puppies. We came in to search for a new family member and left more than satified. Shannon was a HUGE help and very informative. We highly recommend this Petland for anyone looking for a new friend.

Melissa F.

Customer Comments: This has been a great Experience. Very Helpful and answered all the questions we had. Made sure when we left we had all information that we needed. Claude Was awesome and would recommend you ask for him if you are interested in a puppy for The Wichita Pet land..

Eboni W.

Customer Comments: I worked with Ryan and he was great. Really attentive and helped me find the perfect dog for me.

Jessica C.

Customer Comments: One of if not the best petland I've been in. It's extremely clean, the staff is very helpful and knowledgable, and the puppies are the CUTEST! Definitely worth a visit if you are looking for a puppy.

Dayna A.

Customer Comments: Excellent service, employees were very helpful

Samantha S.

Customer Comments: Everytime I have visited I have always been greeted warmly and provided amazing customer service. This is our families go to place for our pet needs.

Jammie H.

Customer Comments: Great service, clean and we love our new Mini Australian Sheppard

Scott A.

Customer Comments: I went to Petland and I ended up coming home with a puppy. This place has great service, I had a man named Ryan help me out and he was very nice and helped a lot. They have great items that come with the dog. If you are thinking of getting a dog check this place out.

Katrina M.

Customer Comments: Awesome experience! Very helpful and friendly.

Courtney W.

Customer Comments: Got my little best friend about 3 months ago and was the best decision I've ever made. Staff was all very helpful, especially Ryan!

Py S.

Customer Comments: I absolutely love how friendly and helpful the staff is, even when it gets busy and they have a 100 different tasks to complete.

Alicia S.

Customer Comments: Love the staff here. They are all very knowledgeable and really enjoy what they do.

Jorge C.

Customer Comments: An Amazing and outstanding place got approved for and amazing dog just love it

Sigrid A.

Customer Comments: Always so helpful and also have the best pet food in the market! They helped us find the right nutrition for our puppy and described everything very well for us!

Ymoni J.

Customer Comments: Let me start off by saying that when I was in high school I use to come here with my friends everyday just to play with puppies. The staff was great and answered any questions I had. That being said 3 years later I still come here often with my puppy to get new toys and treats for him. The customer service is absolutely amazing and I don't understand all the negative reviews. They are very helpful and knowledgeable about almost all dog breeds. I know for a fact that they have great breeders as well because I have a summer house in the same MO. town (they live 3miles away and he's our neighbor) tons of space and great facility. They don't keep their breeders a secret either, just ask any employee and they'll get you written information on all their puppies. Overall this is an amazing store and I am definitely going to buy my next puppy from here.

Julie W.

Customer Comments: We bought our German Shepard last year and she has been a joy to our family. The young lady we worked with was so pleasant and respectful. We went back several times to make sure it was what we really wanted. Each and everytime we went back we did not feel preasured or feel we were bothering her. She also has a German Shepard and gave us alot of information. We still go back to ask her questions. I would highly recommend them to my family and friends.

Nikos F.

Customer Comments: The store was great, Customer Service was excellent, the staff helped me, and was friendly! Eliza was supper friendly, and helped me with my new Golden Retriever.

Elizabeth M.

Customer Comments: Great staff! Very friendly

P. Heydenrych

Customer Comments: Bought a Newfoundland from them . Very happy . Love my dog . Great price and great service .

Drew S.

Customer Comments: I recommend this place to anyone who loves to play with puppies

Matthew L.

Customer Comments: They were helpful and let me play with the puppies!

Lori W.

Customer Comments: Claude did a great job helping us with our new puppy!

Gabriel D.

Customer Comments: Ryan was great. The place was nice and clean, unlike other pet stores. Main positive was the service that I got from Ryan. He answered all of my questions regarding any peatland item or pet that I had. Would definitely recommend this place and comeback to purchase a pet.

Meghan H.

Customer Comments: Everyone is very helpful especially Ryan and puppies look well taken care of!

Dorene S.

Customer Comments: We were very pleased with our experience. The staff was very friendly and very willing to find out answers to my MANY questions. We are very excited since we decided to expand our family!

David D.

Customer Comments: At first glance the store didn't seem much to me, but when I entered I was surprised at how clean and organized the establishment was. I wasn't considering buying a dog at first until I met Ryan who was very educated when it came to dogs. I highly recommend this store to anyway, and I will defitnitley be back to buy my first dog

Ben C.

Customer Comments: The staff was extremely helpful and all the puppies were amazing!

Pam R.

Customer Comments: Ryan was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and patient in helping out family choose our new family member.

Jonathan M.

Customer Comments: The store is very clean and organized. The staff is very attentive and knowledgeable. I didn't end up getting a dog but Ryan was very helpful. I will be back to purchase my first dog here!

Tiffany M.

Customer Comments: I really enjoy my visit at petland Claude was really helpful he took the time out to make sure everything was good for me in my family he also took the time out you explain everything to me step by step you guys rock its nice to no we still have people who really cares about yous wants if i ever get a 2nd pet i will come back to petland any day or time this 1hr drive was definitely worth it BIG THUMBS!!!!! UP TO PETLAND AND MR CLAUDE.

Christina H.

Customer Comments: Ryan was excellent we are excited and fully ready to take our puppy home... Thank you for everything

Cassandra F.

Customer Comments: The staff is extremely nice. They remember my dogs every time I come by. Extremely hard to leave without a new addition to the family because all the puppies are adorable.

Gricel C.

Customer Comments: We had a great experience from the minute we walked in the door. Everyone is very friendly and willing to help. We walked in just to look and walked out with our new member. :) Any questions or concerns we had were answered. I would definitely recommend this place.

Casey H.

Customer Comments: Found a amazing little puppies and brought her home.

Ed H.

Customer Comments: Ryan was very helpful and we loved the services that were provided with the dog.

Matthew S.

Customer Comments: Everytime I go into Petland Wichita your always greeted with a smile. I love going here and have bought multiple dogs and I won't go anywhere else. Highly recommend Petland Wichita!!

Scott S.

Customer Comments: I drove in from Joliet to look at a Norwich Terrier at Wichita LocAtion, back in November 2015. I immediately fell in love with him and called my wife, telling her I had found the dog I'd always we had been talking about possibly getting a dog. She then replied that she wasn't quite ready for a dog yet, and I had to leave your store without the dog, feeling absolutely devastated. My wife had seen how upset I was and could tell over the next few days that I had been greatly impacted by meeting this dog. Well, a couple weeks later my wife wakes me up around 11 am, as I had slept in a little. She asked if I could come downstairs to help her because "we had a water problem in the basement". I follow her downstairs, and I see my brother in law holding that gorgeous Norwich Terrier that I fell in love with in your store. My wife had drove to your store right when you opened that morning and bought him as an early birthday surprise. I immediately broke into tears and started sobbing. It is literally my happiest memory next to my wedding day and I'll never forget it. I just wanted to say that I loved your store, all the employees I dealt with were very nice and helpful. I loved the little play pens that you can use to play with he puppies too! Very nice selection of dogs, toys and accessories. When my wife bought the dog, whoever had helped her made sure that she was sent home with everything that was needed and now we are all making some of the best memories with our little Norwich Terrier, Marty! Thank you guys and god bless!!!

Amber A.

Customer Comments: Ryan did a great job helping me find the dog that I've always wanted. Greatly appreciated and overall great experience.

Mark M.

Customer Comments: The customer service was great! There were so many great puppies and we decided on one special one. We even recognized the breeders name from extensive research prior to making a decision to go with Petland Wichita.

Maria G.

Customer Comments: Very clean store. I just enjoyed being around the pups and I was very happy in the customer service. The girls at the front desk helped me find the right puppy food and gave me a few samples to take home to make sure she would like it first. Thank you for always having smiles on you're faces.

Bobbie M.

Customer Comments: Amazing customer service. Even stayed later with us to see if we could get approved. Will definitely be coming back soon regardless of not being able to get her that day.

Teresa S.

Customer Comments: We love working with Ryan! We brought home a Pomsky. Very nice people to work with.

Molly C.

Customer Comments: We absolutely love coming here. The staff is so caring and helpful. We decided to get a little brother for our dog Otis and we found a beautiful St. Bernard. The staff helped us every step of the way to make us feel comfortable and to get ready to take our new puppy home. We are so grateful for what Petland has given us. These puppies have truly made life better.Thank you.

Andrea A.

Customer Comments: ever expect to even get a tour. I was truly amazed to see that the owners (a lovely, local couple with long-time Fox Valley roots) were so involved in the business. That is what pulled me in to the business. They visit every breeding facility (they do not work with any puppy mills and only bring in puppies that are stringently selected through government-guided breeders), they get to know the families that host the puppies--no gigantic conglomerates or horror stories, and they hire dedicated technicians. In addition, they have an outdoor run where every dog is exercised and they have special ventilation and a regimented cleaning/sterilization process. Did I mention that they love it when people play with the puppies? It is good for them. The store is clean and the staff is super friendly and on top of things. Employees are a direct reflection of their leaders. Their pups are healthy and adorable. Don't listen to all the news about all places being puppy mills. This one is DEFINITELY not it. Support a local business and check them out!

Rachael T.

Customer Comments: We came in to this location 3 times to see the same dog. Each time we were met by different associates and each one displayed knowledge of the dogs, a helpful nature, and friendly personality! We were encouraged by the fact that we were able to see images of the breeders and the fact that the owner personally visits and works with each breeder they use! We are very satisfied with our experience here and we are excited to be leaving with our fur baby!

Denise W.

Customer Comments: Bought my first dog from here. Ryan was great and walked us thru everything. My dog is everything that we have been looking for

Dedrick P.

Customer Comments: Highly recommend all the employees were very nice helping my family find a dog and the cages very clean.

John V.

Customer Comments: I absolutely loved it there, the staff was very kind and welcoming, there was an amazing variety of dogs to choose from. And it was cheaper than some places

Erik V.

Customer Comments: Worked with Brandi a the Wichita, IL location. Received great customer service and brought our new pup home today hassle free!

Diamond B.

Customer Comments: So many adorable dogs there. The staff is very attentive

Mary C.

Customer Comments: I have been to Petland on numerous occasions and have always had a pleasant experience. The staff is always very friendly and willing to work with you so you can bring home your furry friend. I would recommend Petland to anyone who is in search of a life long best friend :)

Kylie S.

Customer Comments: We just recently adopted out second puppy here. I loved how helpful everyone was. They all loved each and everyone of the puppies. We played with our puppy for aboht an hour or so and they were so patient with us. As we were leaving they all came to say goodbye to him. The entire staff was very helpful when it came to the many questions we had about him. Very happy we chose Petland.

Courtenay P.

Customer Comments: I want to share some valuable information regarding the owner, Carl, of Petland. I had adopted a puppy and was totally in love with him; however, I wasn't so pleased about the process. I had some negative feelings about how certain things were handled. I reach out to Petland and Carl responded quite quickly. He invited me in to discuss my concerns. I was not able to make it in for a few days, but he patiently waited until I was available. Carl met me on a Saturday morning and was completely prepared for our meeting. He had researched my purchases and already knew what some of my concerns were. Carl and I were able to politely discuss each item and he presented a very solid solution for both parties. I would recommend adopting from Petland based on the integrity of the leadership.

Rosa O.

Customer Comments: Customer Service was awesome. Everyone is very friendly. Clean store!!! I would recommend this store to anyone. Drove 40 minutes to come here!!

Melvin H.

Customer Comments: Came here for a rottweiler for my daughter , got great service from Claude, Ryan and Quay. Great teamwork!

Deana M.

Customer Comments: Geralyn at petland was super helpful as well as the rest of the staff there. They all have great product knowledge and great customer service Best place in Wichita to go for pet supplies.

George D.

Customer Comments: Ryan was amazing at helping my find the right dog! All the staff was very helpful and caring. Thank you guys keep the good work! I know my lil sister will love her new friend

Kartajma S.

Customer Comments: Me and my fiance came into the store looking for a dog, we had a great experience and had great help from Claude. Who made the entire process smooth, we also are thrill to have a new addition to the family.

Caesar C.

Customer Comments: Great working with Casey and Ymoni. We will cine back great service!!@

Melissa C.

Customer Comments: Esteban was such a great help, and knew a lot about the dog we purchased. The puppies are all very happy and its a clean environment!

Katie T.

Customer Comments: Geralyn and Brandi were so helpful with us getting our new Bernese Mountain Dog. She is such a sweet dog, thank you for staying open late and for all your help!!!

Jasmine I.

Customer Comments: I extremely enjoyed my time at petland in naperville! The workers are great and very helpful. Especially Claude! he was very kind and answered any question we had.

Sydney K.

Customer Comments: Love it! So much fun to play with the dogs. Services was great! Claude was very helpful and nice!

Kathryn E.

Customer Comments:
I was very impressed. The staff was very nice to me and I couldn't be more grateful to have my beautiful puppy. I would recommend them over and over again. Very clean place!

Carrie G.

Customer Comments: OVERWHELMINGLY EXCELLENT Claude was friendly, knowledgeable, & very fun to talk to! The dog lover in him showed as we were speaking about our pets. The booklet of information that it given to you gives you a detailed understanding of the care you puppy has received. Certificates and Warranties to ease your mind. #priceless

Ben M.

Customer Comments: Had a great experience here adopting a pug puppy. Quay was very helpful and professional during the whole process!

Jada J.

Customer Comments: My experience with my friends was wonderful, the puppies are so friendly and Esteban helped us. He is very welcoming and let us play with multiple pups and kept checking on us.

Anthony F.

Customer Comments: Today i came in to Petland and had an employee by the name of Claude help me out with looking around and he was very nice and polite. He helped me find everything I needed.

Courtney C.

Customer Comments: All the dogs were awesome! Ryan was also very helpful. An overall great experience 10/10

Jamie E.

Customer Comments: The staff at Petland Wichita was so great knowledgeable and friendly. Esteban did a great job of explaining all the information we needed about the dog and took great care of us.

Rachel D.

Customer Comments: Ymoni was awesome helped us with our low budget. And we are amazed with all the stuff that comes with when you buy a dog from here great experience.

Karyn S.

Customer Comments: Claude was extremely helpful and made the whole experience really fun and memorable. I am very happy that I was able to get my little Boggle from such knowledgeable dog lovers. I will come back here for my little guys supplies and new friends in the future!

Stephanie V.

Customer Comments: Ryan was very patient and helpful as we struggled between two pups we fell in love with. He answered all our questions and made our experience pain free. We went home with a playful golden doodle! Thank you for all your help and enthusiasm :)

Kira F.

Customer Comments: Claude today was very pleasant and helpful. He made my visit very easy and fun. He is a very good employee

Kristen G.

Customer Comments: Amazon selection of petite puppies! Bought my Chihuahua here! Ryan is wonderful and helped me pick him out! Clean store, puppy info is verified and parent info and origin location provided. Easy credit application. Overall great family owned location!

Amanda R.

Customer Comments: This is our first family dog and our pet expert Eliza did a wonderful job helping us pick our forever pet!! So very thankful and happy with the great customer service and the quality of the dogs and packages!! Great Job and thank you so much!!

Omar J.

Customer Comments: I had the most wonderful experience at petland in Wichita. Petland is so welcoming and has exceptional customer service especially from a young kind gentleman named Claude. Our services were highly exceed.

Phil R.

Customer Comments: First and foremost, I was skeptical about shopping at petland, since I have always been one to adopt, but Eliza made the shopping process so easy for us. She treated us with the utmost respect and was able to answer all of our questions and was not pushy at all. She thorougly explained the financing process to us and even went out of her way to walk us through the aisles to help us pick out toys for our new family member. We are excited to take our new corgi puppy, Butters, home!!

Jeremy W.

Customer Comments: Looked online, found the dog I wanted, made an appointment and came in to see her. I immediately fell in love with her and the process was short and quick. Ryan and Brandi were both a great help answering any questions we had. Very knowledgeable staff.

Danielle B.

Customer Comments: Brandi was excellent with helping us purchase our new dog. She was knowledable of the process and the dogs health. They were kind and gave us time to spend with the dog. No pressure to purchase.

Estela S.

Customer Comments: We just recently purchased a Siberian Husky and our pet counselor Casey was really helpful. All the dogs are beautiful! if your looking for a pet this is the place to buy it from .

Eliza D.

Customer Comments: Let me just say this store is very clean an organized. The puppies are very well taken care of. Staff is great here. Thanks Petland for matching me with my new family member.

Matt M.

Customer Comments: Claude Bond was a great representative and he helped us so much. He was knowledgeable and you could tell by how he worked with us and the puppy that he cared about her and she cared about him. I would fully recommend coming here for a puppy. They give you all the papers on your puppy and the breed information, the parents, and vaccines. I could not be happier.

Megan F.

Customer Comments: When we walked into Pet Land we were promptly greeted by Claude who was extremely thorough with helping us find the exact puppy that we were looking for. He described every dog we looked at in full detail and was able to provide all information about the puppy possible. Claude provided us with the best service possible. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a new puppy who wants great customer service when purchasing a new pet.

Jaivin W.

Customer Comments: This place is great for finding a new puppy the selection in there is better then anywhere I have been. I highly recommend asking for Eliza she is very patient an let us see numerous puppies until we found one to take home. The take home package makes up for the price. Over all great place an staff will definitely come here for our next puppy. Thanks

Cristina T.

Customer Comments: Let me just say that the employee by the name of Ryan was amazing. From the moment we walked in the store to the very moment we walked out he was great. He knew everything there was to know about adult dogs as well as puppies. He was very informative when it came to food brand and quality. He was knowledgeable about what type of bones, toys, etc to give your dog and what not to give your dog. you can tell by his demeanor that he was true and sincere in offering his assistance. If you go to Petland Wichita, make sure to ask for Ryan!

John M.

Fatima P.

Whitney F.

Katie M.

John S.

Steven B.

Paul K.

NaSheka H.

Kathleen H.

Brittany B.

Niklas L.

Krishna B.

Customer Comments: It was awesome

John C.

Customer Comments: I love my little puppy dog boy

Garrett C.

Customer Comments: I've been a few times to pet the animals. Never purchased anything. Staff is friendly, though

Anthi N.

Customer Comments: great customer service

Bart P.

Customer Comments: Good service good people to be around

Emily S.

Customer Comments: We have gotten all 3 dogs from Petland and ranging in Small (Shetland Sheepdog), medium (Australian Shepherd) and large (St. Bernard?. Love taking them back for visits!

Jacob T.

Customer Comments: Good selection, helpful staff, decent prices

Brenda P.

Customer Comments: Petland staff was very helpful and very friendly when I needed help with questions about my ferret and they had all the supplies I needed to get him on the right track will definitely be using them again for all my pet needs

Zach J.

Customer Comments: We got our puppy here. Very informed managers. They could use a little more help as they always seems busy.

Barbara R.

Customer Comments: Things are easy to find and the associates can answer the questions you have.

Allie C.

Customer Comments: It's always fun to go play with puppies! Sometimes it's really busy but the staff always does their best to get you a little booth to play with a puppy.

Ashley B.

Customer Comments: It's a nice place to socialize with different types of animals and you can also get pet supplies while you are there.

Chad A.

Don D.

Ashley K.

Jenny G.

Cassandra S.

Lindsay W.

Nicole K.

David Y.

Jessica M.

Amber M.

Janet D.

Macee M.

Emily S.

Rebbecca B.

Amber D.

Joel H.

Nguyen D.

Ellen W.

Luis R.

Noah W.

Jordyn S.

Merna G.

Kayla D.

Tianna K.

Madi A.

Cody H.

Pao C.

Eva K.

Abbie J.

Sammy B.

Eduardo P.

Customer Comments: I like it

Alexis R.

Customer Comments: Staff is very friendly

Ashley D.

Customer Comments: Good

Lydia S.

Customer Comments: I love Petland!!!!!

Kelsi H.

Customer Comments: I bought a puppy from this place 4 months ago and could not be more in love, I'm glad that I was her forever home!

Vanessa A.

Customer Comments: I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! I have gotten all of my animals from here... I have gotten all of my rats and reptiles from here... including supplies.

Kimberlie K.

Customer Comments: We have 2 puppies, a snake, and a rabbit for Petland and love every one of our pets. The staff is very friendly. We go every week to get our snake food and even though they are extremely busy someone stops to talk with us. I've read these reviews and can say that you can't please everyone. With how busy they are yes some customers may get forgotten. All the times I've been in there (which has been a lot) all the staff are busy helping customers and trying to get to everyone they can. For complaints on sick puppies, I know that they take good care of their animals. They take them to the vet to get checked out. One of our pups had a little cold after we got her home and when we took her to get meds Petland took care of the bill. If you pick a pup they just got in they keep it for 5 days to observe it before letting it go home. They are very causious to make sure their animals are healthy. We like Petland and will continue to go every week for our pet supplies and future pets. If you look at their Facebook page you can see how many happy customers they have vs the negative comments on here.

Randy O.

Customer Comments: Staff was nice and friendly

Amanda T.

Customer Comments: Staff is very helpful

Rick H.

Customer Comments: People where great. Got a beautiful puppy. Very happy

Tina W.

Customer Comments: Wonderful store! The employees are very knowledgeable about the animals and products (which was a little surprising since they are all so young!) but were very helpful!! Bought more than what I had gone in for because the store had such a selection but really enjoyed the trip! My new favorite store!!!

Madison O.

Customer Comments: It was awesome got 2 dogs from there they are very good

Ash M.

Customer Comments: Friendly staff, knowledgeable in pet products!

Desi H.

Customer Comments: Love the animals and the staff is great!

Ava B.

Customer Comments: Staff was very helpful and anxious to be of assistance.

Sandra K.

Customer Comments: Always helpful

Delaney J.

Customer Comments: Excellent selection

Colby R.

Customer Comments: Staff is always friendly, even if all you want to do is pet puppies

Janine G.

Customer Comments: We bought our dog from here years ago. Granite he was super expensive hes also been the best dog ever!

Violette G.

Customer Comments: Great store!

Kasey F.

Customer Comments: Love to pet puppies

Jesse H.

Customer Comments: It's just adorable you can ask the people who work there and see if you can play with a puppy

Latasha H.

Customer Comments: Staff at Petland are amazing about helping you with every need you have

Lyndsey S.

Customer Comments: My experience was awesome, I enjoy going to look at the animals!

Janet W.

Customer Comments: Always great experience and helpful only pet store I go to

Karen L.

Customer Comments: Love to take my grand daughter there. They are so helpful and friendly

Alex C.

Customer Comments: I like the variety of quality dog foods available

Brendan T.

Customer Comments: Great staff helped me find the perfect dog, I love my husky!!!

Heather C.

Customer Comments: Great place to take your animals, my daughter loves visiting all the animals!

Sara S.

Customer Comments: Knowledgeable staff and tons of products to choose from. My family Ioves shopping here.

Jackie N.

Customer Comments: Every time I go in they are very friendly and always ready to help.

Barbara B.

Customer Comments: I can always find my cats favorite toys and treats at Petland.

Franschesca C.

Customer Comments: Clean environment, and a great variety of pets to choose from.

Jennifer C.

Customer Comments: Knowledgeable staff and they are happy to assist you with looking at any pet or pet product.

Kourtnay S.

Customer Comments: Petland is very helpful when looking to adopt a dog. They tell you the price and include everything you would need to take home a new puppy.

Lee M.

Customer Comments: The staff is always quick and prepared to help. I go at least once a month to get everything I need for all of my pets.

Mary A.

Customer Comments: I love to play with the puppies at petland It is a nice store They keep it clean and tidy up

Dina M.

Customer Comments: Very helpful people and clean atmosphere. They helped me get my dog and everything I needed for her.

Connor K.

Customer Comments: Very helpful every time we come in, always a must to go see what's new at petland!

Marisa S.

Customer Comments: I love coming here! Staff is super nice and friendly.

Casie S.

Customer Comments: Our new puppy has been such a blessing to our family!! Thank u!!

Sheila M.

Customer Comments: We went in on Nov 26th for puppy kisses, and fell in love with our lil Raggs. Bradi was so helpful as were all the staff. Raggs is now our new morkie addition and soon hope to go back again for another lil one. Thank you Petland for the excellent service and most loving puppy..

Diasha P.

Customer Comments: It's really fun & enjoyable. The toys for dogs don't break that easily.

Izzy S.

Customer Comments: Everytime i get sad i come to this petland to hold the puppies and look at the fish and play with all sorts of animals, since I cant afford to buy any lil fur babbies right now. I always feel so welcomed and it makes my day a lot better.

Lauren W.

Customer Comments: Love my puppers!!

Heidi H.

Customer Comments: i have actually never been to petland because I just now became a pet owner. I do plan on bringing my fur babies to petland so they can pick out some toys and treats(I'm assuming pets are allowed inside). I'm so glad I became the proud owner of two puppies and I cannot wait to bring them to petland

Mckenzie P.

Customer Comments: I adopted my puppy from Petland almost 3 years ago and she is still my baby! She is incredibly healthy and the sweetest dog I have ever owned. She is also really smart and was a breeze to potty train! I can't thank Petland enough for my baby Lucy and I don't know what I'd do without her. Out of all my dogs she has been the cheapest in vet care by far and the others are from the shelter. They are telling the truth when they say they only have quality puppies in their store. I still go visit Petland at least twice a month and the employees are always so excited to see one of their Petland puppies returning for a visit! Lucy loves the store too and is very happy with all the attention and love she receives from the employees there. The customer service provided by Petland cannot be matched anywhere else.

Jesse H.

Customer Comments: Great customer service! Variety of products. A great place for pets

Hollie N.

Customer Comments: I loved seeing all the little animals and can't wait to get a puppy of my very own! Every time I come in I can't get enough of all these precious animals!!

Amelia F.

Customer Comments: Absolutely love it here! They always have what I need for my kitties and then some :)

Gabriel G.

Customer Comments: Love coming here! Great store and awesome people always willing to help.

Kaytee W.

Customer Comments: I always have to beg my mom to stop at petland because she knows I could spend hours in there looking at dogs & bunnies!!

Kristi M.

Customer Comments: Wonderful experience! Had our beagle for a little over 2 years now! ?

Sarah T.

Customer Comments: Absolutely fabulous. Facility was clean, staff was very helpful and friendly and our little schnauzer is perfect for our family.

Katie A.

Customer Comments: Found my best pal here bruno. So glad to have him ❤️❤️

Cheryl C.

Customer Comments: Great place to interact with the pets.

Amie N.

Customer Comments: I love the cleanliness and kind staff

Cole M.

Customer Comments: The staff is friendly, and helpful. My experience there has always been good, the price is good too.

Cassy P.

Customer Comments: I have been in many times. Recently I bought my new dog oscar a miniature dachshund. The process was smooth and the help was great.

Elizabethe C.

Customer Comments: I bought my lovely baby rabbit Henry from petland by Kellogg and Greenwich and since he's been like the biggest fur baby I hold close to my heart he's 1 1/2 now but he acts like a puppy and loves belly rubs :)

Michelle W.

Customer Comments: We got our sweet maltichon puppy 3 wks after a loved family member's death. Cindy has been THE best purchase and such a bright spot in our lives! ☺❤

Emma G.

Customer Comments: My husband and I visit Petland often to play with the animals and take a break between work and school. We never expected to completely fall in love with one of the puppies. We adopted our little sheltie in August, and we love him so much! Everytime we bring him into the store the staff remembers us and our puppy and treat us like family. Thanks, Petland!

Mikaela S.

Customer Comments: We bought our puppy here and couldn't be happier! She's amazing! The staff is friendly and they store is clean. When a puppy makes a mess they are quick to clean it up.

Hannah H.

Customer Comments: College and especially finals week is super stressful! My roommates and I's favorite way to detox is going to Petland and visiting all the cute animals and friendly staff. I also love to spoil my pup. Thank you so much petland for being that place for us!

Mary M.

Customer Comments: I absolutely love going with my Two Jap Chins that I got there. Everyone is awesome! "Complete"

Jenny K.

Customer Comments: Very happy with my experience at Pet Land. Got my sweet little ChewBear (cairn terrier) out of the deal, and always have so much help with everything when I go in. From the other animals, supplies, or questions about the breeds. I've never had an issue at Pet Land!

Peyton H.

Customer Comments: My latest experience was at the beginning of the school. Starting your first year of college can be very stressful. My roommate and I decided to go to Petland and destress. Let me tell you it sure worked with the cute puppies!

Theresa M.

Customer Comments: I went to Petland last week to get some doggy treats and play with the puppies, since all of my babies are seniors. The staff were super sweet and helpful, and my babies loved their treats.

Courtney H.

Customer Comments: Had a great experience a couple weeks ago at Petland. Brought my lab/German Shepard puppy, Zoe, in to get some things and the employees were very helpful and all flocked over to come see her.

Brandan B.

Customer Comments: Always have a good experience here with the employees and the cute pups! Bought some feeder fish and frozen fish food. Great prices!

Ramona R.

Customer Comments: Every time I go there everyone is so nice and helpful. I got both of my dogs from there and they are happy healthy puppies:)

Kelsey H.

Customer Comments: Great staff and pets all around.

Jenna N.

Customer Comments: Always very helpful and friendly staff.

Cindy Y.

Customer Comments: Love petland have always loved going in to see what's new. We have purchased two English bulldog from this store and have loved them dearly thank you all for the amazing work you do.

Jodi G.

Customer Comments: Went in to buy cat food and daughter always wants to see the puppies. Employees were very good with her, letting her pick out a puppy to play with. Always a joy to visit.

Miriam M.

Customer Comments: Fell in love with an eskimo puppy that I didnt have the appropriate home for! All the puppies were so loving/energetic and full of joy! Loved it! Hoping to get my hands on a puppy soon!

Lily C.

Customer Comments: Both my room mate and I got our puppies from pet land and they both are the best things we agree to ever happen. We love them both so much and they love eachother which makes For great fun at home ! Every time I go in I want to get another puppy, and there are always things I want to buy for the pups

Kaitlyn D.

Customer Comments: I had an amazing experience getting my puppy Axel back in July! Everyone was very nice and caring, if I ever get another dog I'd definitely go back and recommend it to anyone else!

Abigail T.

Customer Comments: We had the best customer service. I went in to go look for a dog collar. Ended up buying two, a couple of doggy dresses and two bags of treats.

Courtney P.

Customer Comments: When I stop in to purchase food, treats, or toys for my fur kids, I am always greeted with a warm welcome and treated respectfully! The staff is always very helpful as I find what I need.

Ashley T.

Customer Comments: There is NO better way to describe PetLand besides AMAZING! We got our pompoo from there and loved every minute of it,the staff was so helpful and upbeat and answered any questions we had I was totally shocked by then sending home everything we needed for our pet! I couldn't had thanked then enough! Thank you a million times!!!

Dereka P.

Customer Comments: I give Petland 5 stars. The staff is Incredibly nice. Laid back and chill place for anyone to visit. You get to play with the animals and enjoy their company. I have 3 minpins and fish myself. I go there all the time to get the supplies that I need. The staff is always asking to make sure I have what I need before I leave the building. I am always satisfied with how I am treated. I curtsy to them. Keep up the awesome work! <3

Kathleen L.

Customer Comments: I had a great time receiving free puppy kisses!! The staff was very attentive & answered any questions I had. 10/10 recommend a visit!! I will be returning :)

Courtney K.

Customer Comments: I purchased my puppy from Petland Wichita in September 2015 and it was by far one of the greatest decisions of my life!! I love my eskie so much ??? Plan to purchase another puppy from them soon. The staff is very knowledgeable about all the breeds and animals in the store!

Scott L.

Customer Comments: We have adopted TWO (2) Fur Baby's into our family from here. They have always been healthy and fantastic animals. Highly recommend

Robert S.

Customer Comments: Staff is always helpful and knowledgable. We brought our puppy home a year and half ago from here and we always stop by Petland for all her supplies. I love that the employees still remember her and always ask how she is doing.

Courtney L.

Customer Comments: We love this place! We bought our new baby from here and he is so perfect and full of love! The staff is always extremely helpful if we ever have questions. Thanks Petland!

Sam A.

Customer Comments: I took my girlfriend to pet land for our 2 year anniversary and she loved it! Some people think it is a weird choice but I love animals! She loved a bichon called daisy! And I would love to get it for her!! Going here is always a joy!! And I would love to be part of Petlands story! I would be honored to win!! And that way I can prove that Petland dates are as cool and romantic as walks on the beach!! ?

Catherine R.

Customer Comments: The staff was super helpful and very informative on everything we needed to know about our puppy. They were very efficient and ready to answer any question asked and they never gave any type of attitude and always stayed positive.

Sammi B.

Customer Comments: I love that I can get all the supplies to spoil my baby here!

Shasta P.

Customer Comments: Always a great experience! The staff are always courteous. This is one of the places my husband and daughter both request every time we go to Wichita. They LOVE puppy kisses!!!

Christina G.

Customer Comments: Just moved to Wichita and could not be happier to have found Petland! They made it extremely convenient to help get our new "baby" home with all the things we could ever want or need! We love Benji. And we love petland!

Crystal M.

Customer Comments: I always have great experiences at Petland. I love the atmosphere & I always feel comfortable bringing Spotty along as well whenever we need to pick up some things. Workers there are wonderful as well!

Mindy D.

Customer Comments: The best store. The staff love on your sweet dog. They r helpful finding supplies you need for your dog. They like working there.

Tamara A.

Customer Comments: I love going to Petland to see their variety of toys and treats and things. And of course I love to see the adorable animals! I would love to win a shopping spree so I could go back and see the animals(maybe even get one!) And get our other babes some toys and treats. It would be awesome! Update Dec 1st: Finally gota bird to sit on my finger! It was magical, and so was getting some puppy love from an adorable dalmation ❤

Sable D.

Customer Comments: I had a great experience becoming a first time pet owner. They were very prominate with helping me and building a bond between my new companion and I. I'm very pleased with the customer service I received. They made my dreams come true and I couldn't be any happier.

Savannah E.

Customer Comments: My husband and I go to Petland almost every weekend after church! We love it! This past Sunday we played with a Newfoundland princess ?. The staff is helpful and nice. We have always had a good experience.

Craig A.

Customer Comments: Always a really friendly staff experience. They always make my daughter really happy. Have gotten multiple quality animals that have all turned out wonderful! Love ❤️ Pet Land

Madison B.

Customer Comments: Always love bringing my Sophia in here to pick out new bows for her hair! Only place in town that sells them at a decent price. Of course my spoiled girl also gets a toy as well! As if she doesn't have enough! The staff are always helpful and it doesn't hurt to play with a puppy or two :)

Kathy S.

Customer Comments: Anytime I come into Petland service is great! The last time I came across young lady named Vivi helped me. I was buying dog food and we were talking about getting free dog food when I buy so many bags. I told her that I haven't been keeping all my receipts to keep track. She said it was OK that she would make a card for me on file. We love our dog Bubba we got from Petland and thank you for the great service!

Kylie W.

Customer Comments: Always willing to help, answer questions, and great time interacting with the pups!

Emily M.

Customer Comments: We bought our Scottish terrier, Darcy, from Petland Wichita about 5 months ago. She has the most beautiful coat and a HILARIOUS personality! Worth every penny :) The staff was knowledgeable and helped tailor a puppy package deal that was right for us.

Natasha M.

Customer Comments: This is the best pet clinic ever they really care for their animals/patients

Abby N.

Customer Comments: When we went, we were able to talk to someone about the puppy we adopted and she was able to help us one on one even though we went on a particularly busy night. She was able to tell us all about him and his health records, and his parents. Our little puppy makes us happy every day ?

Amanda J.

Customer Comments: We come to petland to buy mice for our two baby Ball Pythons! It's the closest pet store to us that sells live feeder mice and can give us the sizes we NEED! We went last night and I asked about the pet perks card and the two young ladies behind the counter were so helpful with the questions I was asking! Buy 6 get one free?? YES PLEASE! Thank you pet land!

Apollo C.

Customer Comments: I love going to pet land it is always such a wonderful and friendly experience every time. The staff is very knowledgeable and great with animals. The gal I spoke with last time talk to me about classes and made me feel she really had passion for her job and animals. I'd recommend to all my family and friends.

Melisa P.

Customer Comments: Always find everything I need & receive the best customer service!!!

James T.

Customer Comments: I love the service there and all the great employees that you guys have!! Let's not forget about all the cute and adorable animals you guys have!!

Cherie H.

Customer Comments: The owner of one and or both of the Petcos helped me get my daughters (9 months) dog Oden (5 months) out of the pound when I almost lost him a month or so ago! Donated a large portion of what we needed to get him out. ❤️

Nora L.

Customer Comments: My experience was great, I was treated with respect by all the employees. They helped me with a puppy purchase and a second puppy purchase even when my credit wasn't accepted. Love coming here every time for my puppy/dog needs. They are great employees every time I come in to have my Petland babies nails trimmed. Love the atmosphere in general when I go there.

Randy L.

Customer Comments: I took my English Bulldog "Shorty" that I purchased at Petland in and asked the staff some recommendation on what type of treats would be good for him. I was very impressed with the knowledge that the staff had for my dog. Also, it was awesome to see every staff member remembering Shorty and coming over to pet him. Shorty loves going back and visiting Petland.

Mollee M.

Customer Comments: I got my dog Steinway and all of the stuff she needed from Petland Wichita. Lydia, their manager, helped me every step of the way and was excellent. The store was very clean. All animals were well taken care of. They had many different options for the things you need to go with your pet! I would definitely recommend for anyone to go to Petland Wichita!

Raphel L.

Customer Comments: Love this place. I just ran in fast to grab some dog food and even though the store was an ocean of people looking at the cutest puppies ever, someone was able to quickly fight through the waves and get me taken care of. What I love the most is the staff there cares so much that if you ask any question about diet, cleaning or just something fun for your fur family they give you an informed answer!

Wynn H.

Customer Comments: We bought our male golden-doodle Clifford from Petland around April, and he has been nothing but pure joy since. He's healthy, happy, and incredibly personable! Petland provided a really nice buying experience. They didn't push us to buy him even though the store was closing at the time. I was able to call back after purchasing him and they confirmed that he came from a wonderful farm-home and small breeder in Clifton, Kansas. They gave me the exact name of the breeder, and after looking online at their facilities realized my puppy had acres upon acres of land and massive, indoor, temperature controlled kennels to sleep at night. His first mommy was a Zoo-keeper! We've had nothing but a fantastic experience with petland. We opted out of their wellness program because we wanted to buy own food, vitamins and so forth. The associate made sure to explain the benefits, but certainly did not push us once she knew we were not wanting to do that. Thanks again for my amazing fur baby!!!

Taylor O.

Customer Comments: The workers really do a great job getting dogs in and out for visits!

Jocelyn D.

Customer Comments: Friendly service and always compliment my dogs when we bring them there!

Burgundy A.

Customer Comments: Everyone is always so sweet. Ive gone in SEVERAL times for crickets for my dragons and several more time just for puppy kisses and cuddles. Everyone is very informative about all the animals and products, from the breed of dog, breed of birds, breed of what is in the dog foods and what they feel would be best for my breed of dog. It is the best "pet store" in Kansas (in my opinion).

Mercedes W.

Customer Comments: Great place has all my kitty's favorite brands all in one place!

Annie A.

Customer Comments: I love being able to see and hold the animals, and the staff is always so friendly.

N. Reedy

Customer Comments: Warm, welcoming experience every time we come in. Clean, organized and knowledgeable staff.

Ally S.

Customer Comments: My dog loves trips to Petland, where he gets to pick out his favorite treats ?

Alexandra O.

Customer Comments: Everyone is so nice and they answer all your questions that you'll have!

Madison M.

Customer Comments: I bought my (now) 7 month old maltipoo, Bentley, when he was only 3 months old. All of his brothers and sisters had already been adopted, and he was the last of his breed in store. I went in to Petland not thinking I was going to walk out with a puppy, but after playing with him for 15 minutes I fell in love. The entire Petland staff was extremely helpful towards the process and seemed to love Bentley just as much as I did. Their compassion towards animals shows greatly, and their professionalism was top notch. Bentley gets along great with my rescue dog, Calvin. He has easily been a great addition to my little family. Thanks, Petland!

Macy H.

Customer Comments: We bought our puppy from here not too long ago. It was such a great experience. I know a staff member that works there and she is so helpful every time we come in. We bought a beagle/basset puppy and he just happened to be on sale at that time. The staff was helpful and made sure that we had everything that we needed to ensure we raise a happy and healthy puppy. We have not had any issues with our puppy behavior or health wise. If we buy another puppy in the future we will make sure that it is from Petland!

Vanessa C.

Customer Comments: We both Luli in your pet shop last 2015. In terms of service you given as a very good service

Dalina N.

Customer Comments: They're so nice, friend and patient! Caring towards all pets!

Alexis R.

Customer Comments: I loved Petland! We got my two year old yorkeepoo from here and the staff helped us with everything we needed for our little guy

Marji L.

Customer Comments: Tonight, my husband and I went to Petland to buy some food for our dogs. Of course, we had to check out all the cute dogs in the windows! There are so many cute dogs. I wish I could have taken them all home! Several employees were available to answer questions about breeds and were very helpful and friendly! That's what I love about Petland, besides the cute animals, the people who work there are always so kind and helpful! We love visiting Petland!

Shyann K.

Customer Comments: I like Petland because you are allowed to interact with the puppies and bunnies, even if you don't plan on buying one today. I feel like it makes the animals really happy :) I love taking my niece and nephews for an hour or so, so we can see all the cute animals Petland offers <3

Allison R.

Customer Comments: The staff is very genuine and you can tell they really care about the animals. I love taking my little sister in to play with all the puppies:) I love my petland puppy and he loves their pig ears:)

Morgan L.

Customer Comments: Went in to get my Boston a life jacket and they were SO helpful and found her a harness as well!

Allo B.

Customer Comments: Love this place and the people that work here. Everyone is so friendly includes the animals!

Jenna D.

Customer Comments: All the workers at Petland are very friendly and helpful. I enjoy going to petland!!

Sydney S.

Customer Comments: Always friendly staff every time I come in! Love that about you guys.

Tyler H.

Customer Comments: Staff is always amazingly helpful. We have two fur babies from here and they are amazing!

Kelsey M.

Customer Comments: Petland has everything I need at great prices! My puppy was adopted from Petland and he is everything I could ever want out of a pup and more. ?❤️

Kevin D.

Customer Comments: Love playing with all of the animals! They're so cute and staff is extremely friendly.

Isabel C.

Customer Comments: Very helpful and friendly staff. We also like visiting with the animals. Hopefully soon we.will be getting a kitten and will to get supplies.

Kilee A.

Customer Comments: My kids love going to play with the puppies! Fun to see the different breeds and interact with them

Hayley P.

Customer Comments: I bought my precious puppy Snow White from pet land, she is a miniature American Eskimo and I had the most lovely experience with the manager and Mckinzie. I completely adore my puppy and the staff at this petland.

Taylor L.

Customer Comments: Love, love, LOVE the nice and helpful workers! Always greeted and shown to where I need to be to find what I'm looking for!

Natalie R.

Customer Comments: I went in there and had a really fun time with your guys puppys!! Will definitely adopt one soon

Heather W.

Customer Comments: We bought a dog here a few years back. They were very easy to work with and our puppy came with so many great items.

Sara B.

Customer Comments: We recently switched dog food brands, and appreciated the knowledgeable staff to lead us to the right brand for what our vet recommended to meet our dogs needs!

Caitlyn P.

Customer Comments: I use to love going into petland when I was younger but was always a little worried because of the rumors. We have had our Boston from petland for almost a year and he is perfect. Any problems we do have with him they are always there to give advise!

Brandy S.

Customer Comments: I love this store! Knowledgeable staff too! And always the most adorable animals!

Karlie F.

Customer Comments: I love this place because you get free puppy kisses and I love the variety of animals they have and all of the pet supplies. My favorite pet store!

Jake C.

Customer Comments: We love Petland because they're all really friendly people, and most importantly, we got our precious Pip-Squeek❤️❤️

Kendra B.

Customer Comments: On December 5th I purchased my Shiba Inu named Aries (God Of War). He came with a great package and good price. We love that he's crazy and funny! He is so hyper too! Any ways Thank you Petland!

Kamy B.

Customer Comments: What I love most about Petland Wichita is how much they care for their customers AND animals! I have two petland puppies and a rescue and I love ALL of them! Adopt AND shop! I'm so glad I could go to petland when I knew what specific breeds I was interested in. It's great being able to get the exact puppy you want AND fall in love! I get all of my supplies here and never have any problem :) their small animals and reptiles are super cool too! So glad they have a variety for everyone's home!

Morgan F.

Customer Comments: Staff are always so kind and ask if you need any help when I walk in the door. So many cute pets that need adopted in there!!

Haley M.

Customer Comments: Pet land is such a cool place! I've only been one time but everyone seems cool and there's so much cool stuff

Kelsey N.

Customer Comments: I've always had a great experience here! Whether it's coming to play with the pups or to get new toys for my fur baby I'm always pleased!

Luis G.

Customer Comments: Everyone is always so friendly at your store... you guys always have what we sneed and getting snuggle with all the critters is a huge perk. Love it! ??

Ashley I.

Customer Comments: I love the family atmosphere. Every time I come in I always feel super welcomed by the staff. They are always there to answer any questions I might have.

Sandra T.

Customer Comments: Best place for all your pet needs! Great! Great contest Petland for dog pics! Love Blake, the mini Greyhound owned by Kayla and Whitley Duncan

Isabel M.

Customer Comments: I love shopping here so dearly! Such a great environment! Excellent costumer service and always so polite!! Always feel so welcome coming in!

Hannah P-P

Customer Comments: Workers are so friendly! They always have everything I need for all my pets! I always enjoy taking my puppy here and letting her pick out toys! Really great!

Tessa C.

Customer Comments: I always have so much fun at Petland! Haven't bought a puppy yet – though I've definitely been tempted. Love being able to play with the pups!

Jennifer A.

Customer Comments: I love that I can't take my dog Jasmine in to pick out her own toys and treats. I also love to look at all the pets available for adoption. The staff is so friendly and helpful.

Connor L.

Customer Comments: Everytime I go in there with my pit puppy she loves it and so do I! The people that work for Petland are SO helpful. I was having trouble finding a toy that she wouldn't destroy in 10 minutes and I had someone point out some tougher toys for destructive pups. Also, my pup (Presley) has a chewing issue. ? I had some help with finding things to steer her away from them. Presley no longer chews on things we don't want her to. Also, we love that they give treats at checkout, it helps her with learning to behave in public. They always have her do tricks and reward her with treats! We also love that prices aren't CRAZY expensive compared to others. We ALWAYS choose Petland for our crazy pup.

Emily L.

Customer Comments: I love coming into to petland and fulfilling my puppy needs. All the other animals are fun to play with too! Last time I was there I played with an English bulldog and it was the cutest thing ever. The workers are very nice and I can tell they are busy so I usually wait to ask for a dog until I see that they aren't busy because they're usually really busy. 10/10 would recommend going here to everyone and anyone. I've bought a couple fish from here and dog toys for my dog.

Kamy Burleson

Customer Comments: What I love most about Petland Wichita is how much they care for their customers AND animals! I have two petland puppies and a rescue and I love ALL of them! Adopt AND shop! I'm so glad I could go to petland when I knew what specific breeds I was interested in. It's great being able to get the exact puppy you want AND fall in love! I get all of my supplies here and never have any problem :) their small animals and reptiles are super cool too! So glad they have a variety for everyone's home!

Ashley Ihde

Customer Comments: I love the family atmosphere. Every time I come in I always feel super welcomed by the staff. They are always there to answer any questions I might have.

Luis Gutierrez

Customer Comments: Everyone is always so friendly at your store... you guys always have what we sneed and getting snuggle with all the critters is a huge perk. Love it!

Sandra Teasley

Customer Comments: Best place for all your pet needs! Great! Great contest Petland for dog pics! Love Blake, the mini Greyhound owned by Kayla and Whitley Duncan

Isabel Martinez

Customer Comments: I love shopping here so dearly! Such a great environment! Excellent costumer service and always so polite!! Always feel so welcome coming in!

Kolbi Jack Attack

Customer Comments: I love the way you can interact with the animals here rather than any other pet store, and i love the variety of the pet supplies! we purchased a reptile here a few months ago with no hassle or anything!

Hannah Pooler-Price

Customer Comments: Workers are so friendly! They always have everything I need for all my pets! I always enjoy taking my puppy here and letting her pick out toys! Really great!

Tessa Castor

Customer Comments: I always have so much fun at Petland! Haven't bought a puppy yet – though I've definitely been tempted. Love being able to play with the pups!

Jennifer Allen

Customer Comments: I love that I can't take my dog Jasmine in to pick out her own toys and treats. I also love to look at all the pets available for adoption. The staff is so friendly and helpful.

Emily Lynch

Customer Comments: I love coming into to petland and fulfilling my puppy needs. All the other animals are fun to play with too! Last time I was there I played with an English bulldog and it was the cutest thing ever. The workers are very nice and I can tell they are busy so I usually wait to ask for a dog until I see that they aren't busy because they're usually really busy. 10/10 would recommend going here to everyone and anyone. I've bought a couple fish from here and dog toys for my dog.

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