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Petland Wichita, KS

Scott S.

Scott S.

July 24, 2017

I drove in from Joliet to look at a Norwich Terrier at Wichita LocAtion, back in November 2015. I immediately fell in love with him and called my wife, telling her I had found the dog I’d always wanted…as we had been talking about possibly getting a dog. She then replied that she wasn’t quite ready for a dog yet, and I had to leave your store without the dog, feeling absolutely devastated. My wife had seen how upset I was and could tell over the next few days that I had been greatly impacted by meeting this dog. Well, a couple weeks later my wife wakes me up around 11 am, as I had slept in a little. She asked if I could come downstairs to help her because “we had a water problem in the basement”. I follow her downstairs, and I see my brother in law holding that gorgeous Norwich Terrier that I fell in love with in your store. My wife had drove to your store right when you opened that morning and bought him as an early birthday surprise.

I immediately broke into tears and started sobbing. It is literally my happiest memory next to my wedding day and I’ll never forget it. I just wanted to say that I loved your store, all the employees I dealt with were very nice and helpful. I loved the little play pens that you can use to play with he puppies too! Very nice selection of dogs, toys and accessories. When my wife bought the dog, whoever had helped her made sure that she was sent home with everything that was needed and now we are all making some of the best memories with our little Norwich Terrier, Marty! Thank you guys and god bless!!!

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