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Petland Wichita, KS

Hugo C.

Hugo C.

July 24, 2017

After getting a call from the customer solution, I definitely have to give this company a 5 on how quickly they resolved my Issue.
Definitely great customer support
I’m going with 3 stars, and here’s my reason. The staff where amazing at helping me with he process of taking my cute little chocolate lab home. But I’m on day 3 now and she is starting to show symptoms of kettle cough. Usually it can take up to a week or two after being exposed to bacterium or virus before showing any symptoms. But I’m no vet, so we have her set up for a visit hoping it’s nothing serious. If she does end up having to take medication I will definitely contact you guys, and hopefully you guys will take care of the bill plus medications needed. If this is some kind if infection, I’m more than 100% sure it came from the store.

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